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Whether you are a franchiser or a customer, as long as you are interested in any type of our laser equipment or related products, please feel free to give us a call. We will designate experienced employees to service you and help you understand deeply about our company. If you want to have a personal inspection of the marking quality, we also offer free samples.

Pre-Sales Service

Operator Training
We provide free training and guidance of 2-3 days. Customers send operators to our company. Our skilled engineers will offer systematic training and explanation about machine installation, adjustment, maintenance and other related knowledge. When all training courses are finished, our company will give a final test, for those unqualified operators, the customer needs to replace them. If demanded, our engineers can also go to the customer’s company to do on-site training.

Basic Knowledge Introduction
1. Basic laser theories
2. Configurations of laser equipment
3. Operation system
4. Optical device maintenance
5. Troubleshooting

Software Operation
1. Machine operation steps
2. Use CorelDRAW9.0 and AutoCAD R14
3. Edit techniques
4. Marking software (in-house developed)
5. Scanner operation

Packaging and Delivery
CKLASER undertakes all FOB fees and packaging fees and send the goods to the place written in the contract.

After-Sales Service

Warranty Period
1. The machine is guaranteed for 12 months and the consumables (Laser tube, reflector, laser lens) are guaranteed for 3 months.
2. After receiving the customer’s call or email, our specialized engineer will contact with the customer within 24 hours and help to fix the problem via email, telephone or video. Under special circumstances, on-site service is also available.
3. During the warranty period, machine damages and breakdown caused by unstable water supply or power supply, wrong operation and force majeure like earthquake, flood and lightning, are all covered by the customer.
4. CKLASER undertakes all component (consumables excluded) fees during the warranty period.

1. Lifetime machine maintenance.
2. Free software updates.
3. Replaced components are charged at cost price.

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