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Development History

In 2006
CKLASER was established.


In 2007
We launched laser marking machine and large-power leather engraving machine.


In 2008
CKLASER 3D dynamic laser marker appeared on the market. We established strategic collaboration with the German company Rofin. In the same year, we successfully passed CE and FDA certificates.


In June 2009
Our laser equipment was applied in textile industry and large-scale 3D laser marker was produced. We also established 6 branches in domestic major cities in 3 months.


In 2010
We adopted ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system and offered the marking solution for plywood.


In 2011
We launched LGP laser marking machine, which meant we entered the LGP and panel light industry.
In October,the TV LGP laser marking machine was shown on the market.


In 2012
Our company imported model technique from Germany and obtained several invention patents.


In 2013
CKLASER became a member of Guangdong Laser Industry Association.


In 2014
The 3D laser marking machine was successfully manufactured. We became one of the 100 leading enterprises in the laser equipment industry and got the software copyright.


In 2015
We developed the intelligent marking machine and implement the ERP-U8 system. We took part in school-enterprise cooperation project and our company was listed on the New Three Board.


In 2016
The Suzhou branch was established and we realized the serialization and standardization of 3D laser marking machines, including green laser marking system, UV laser marker, fiber laser marking system and CO2 laser maker.


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