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This comprehensive collection of certificates has shown we have earned international recognition in terms of our expertise and commitment to adhering to professional standards.

  • ECM Certificate
    Issuing date: July 2014

  • ECM Certificate
    Issuing date: July 30, 2014

  • Software copyright registration certificate

  • Software copyright registration certificate

Utility Model Patents
  • LGP laser marking machine structure

  • Alignment jig of fiber optic laser marking machine

  • Automatic raising and lowering laser marking cabinet

  • 3D laser marker and its adjustable distance indicator

  • Dynamic mirror frame of laser marking machine

  • Anti-shake structure and galvo scanner of laser marking machine

  • 3D laser marking machine

  • Scanning head of laser marking machine

  • Laser marking cabinet

  • Laser marking platform

  • Installation fixture for mirror and motor

  • Galvo scanner housing

  • Laser marking machine head cover

  • Wire clamp in laser marking machine

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