LGP Laser Marker

Light Guide Plate Marking Machine, Industrial Marking Solution, Laser Marking System

This type of laser marker is intended for light guide plates, with stable properties and free maintenance. The LGP laser marker is frequently applied for wide-variety, high-speed and high-precision continuous production. Typical marked products include LCD backlight, ultra-thin advertising light box, X-ray viewer and panel lights.

Laserable Materials
Acrylic resin, PC boards

Applicable Industries
Advertising, TV manufacture, light and lamp processing, etc.

Features of LGP Laser Marker
1. High marking speed
2. Resistant to water and humidity
3. Low requirement for the flatness of plate
4. High power laser
5. Clean and long lasting mark

Parameters of LGP Laser Marker
Model CK-LGP
Wavelength 10640nm
Average Power 180W 250W 350W
Pulse Repetition Frequency 2-100KHz
Beam Quality M2 0.8<M2 <1.2
Marking Range 800mm×800mm/ /1200mm×1200mm/1500mm×1500mm(Optional)
Marking Speed ≦3000 dots/s
Diameter of laser beam 20 25 30
Spots size 0.2mm-0.8mm 0.2mm-1.2mm 0.15mm-1.0mm
Focusing point sizes (standard) 0.28mm 0.30mm 0.30mm
Boot-strap methods One-key power on, detect system automatically
Focus features 3D dynamic focusing
Cooling system water cooling
Voltage 220VAC/10A/50-60HZ
Power Consumption 5000W 6000W 8000W
Environment Temperature15-35℃/ Humidity30-80%
Size of machine 3300mm×1350mm×1920mm
Size of Control cabinet 650mm×650mm×880.5mm
Size of Control chiller 400mm×500mm×950mm
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