3D CO2 Laser Marker

3-Axis Control CO2 Laser Marker, Laser Marking with CO2 Laser, CO2 Laser Machine

As being an innovative product, the 3D CO2 laser marker performs unrivalled-quality and precision marking on products of any shape and size. The 3-axis CO2 laser marking system is controlled by computer and makes use of 10.64um laser beam, which undergoes expanding, focusing and deflecting and finally works on the workpiece surface, leading to a clean and nice mark.

The 3D type CO2 laser marker manufactured by CKLASER features good optical beam mode, stable performance and free maintenance, suitable for high-speed, high-precision, multi-variety and mass production.

Applicable Materials
Wood, glass, paper, leather, fabric, textile, rubber, ceramic, plastics (Acrylic resin, cellulose acetate, synthetic fiber, PE, PT, PVC) and other nonmetals.

Marking on flat surfaces and curved surfaces

Scope of Application
Timber materials, shoemaking, garment manufacture, packaging, toys, food, pharmaceuticals, makeup, etc.

Advanced 3D control technology---- Z Axis focus compensation

Attractive Features of 3D CO2 Laser Marker
1. The advanced tri-axis control system overturns traditional 2D marking mode and provides strong guarantee for 3-axis marking, capable to handle a number types of surfaces, such as bevel, stepped surface, cylinder, cone, ball and other curved surfaces.
2. The unique self-sensing focusing system automatically locates the workpiece and fast focuses, greatly improving the working efficiency.
3. Adopting modern molding technique, the machine shell is strong and leak-proof.
4. The optical shutter conforms to the European and American safety standards.
5. The imported laser is known for high stability. It adopts advanced galvo scanning technology, allowing for high-speed, high-precision and continuous working as well as a long lifespan.
6. Intended for industrial production and mass production, the scan head has a high working speed and is manufactured with automatic diagnosis function, maximally cutting the maintenance time.
7. All optical devices are supplied by reliable and world-famous manufacturers, with high precision, small light spot and stable quality. That’s why the CO2 laser machine can create numbers, bar codes, serial numbers, images, trademarks, photos on different products and materials.

Technical Parameters of 3D CO2 Laser Marker
Model CK-LEG3D30
Wavelength 10640nm
Average Power 30W
Pulse Repetition Frequency 2-100KHz
Beam Quality M2 0.8<M2 <1.2
Marking Range 70mm×70mm/100mm×100mm/ /170mm×170mm/200mm×200mm/300mm×300mm(Optional)
Marking Speed ≦10000mm/s
Mini line Width 0.1mm, depending on the material
Repeat accuracy 0.01mm
Cooling system Water cooling
Voltage 220VAC/10A/50-60HZ
Power Consumption 800W
Environment Temperature15-35℃/ Humidity30-80%
Size of machine 401mm×791mm×1090mm
Size of Control cabinet 650mm×650mm×880.5mm
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