3D UV Laser Marker

UV Laser Marking System, UV Based Laser Marker, UV Laser Marker

The 3D UV laser marker is manufactured with imported core components, high-speed high-precision 3D galvo scanner and in-house developed 3D software and control system, ideally realizing a fine mark on any kind of curved surface. Moreover, the UV laser marking machine assures no defocus problem and provides real-time tracking for spots requiring deep marking. Such an advanced design helps the efficient 3D UV laser marker to stand out from conventional 2D marking systems, leading to a new age of laser processing industry.

Not only that, the UV laser marking system also utilizes an imported high-quality UV laser source, which produces 355nm ultraviolet light since this kind of UV light has an ultra-small laser spot and little thermal effects. Therefore, the UV based laser marker is well suited for materials that are sensitive to thermal radiation, with a wide application for ultra-fine marking, special material marking, engraving and cutting.

Application of 3D UV Laser Marker
1. Decoating: Metals and nonmetals
2. Marking: Plastics, electronic components, gift boxes, communication equipment, glasses, metals
3. Film Cutting: Ceramics, glasses, wafers, FPC, ITO
4. Packaging marking: Makeups, medicine, food, high polymer materials.

Advanced 3D control technology ---- Z Axis focus compensation

Attractive Features of 3D UV Laser Marker
1. The 3D laser marking machine overturns the traditional 2D marking method and achieves 3D marking on different surfaces and materials, such as bevel, stepped surface, cylinder, cone, ball and extruded surface.
2. Scientifically designed, the UV laser marking system is able to reach a central angle of 117° on a cylinder.
3. The mark on the workpiece is clean and delicate, without elongation or slant.
4. All corners and edges are uniform and smooth.
5. The light beam is of high quality and has a small spot, allowing for ultra-fine marking. The minimum character can be 0.2mm.
6. Small thermal effects are imposed on the workpieces as the output wavelength is only 355nm, ensuring no material deformation and burning.
7. By imported a top-quality solid-state laser, the 3D UV laser marker offers great light mode, strong single-pulse energy, stable pulse output and long lifespan.
8. As for appearance design, CKLASER marking system applies sliding door processing technique and uses high-quality organic glass for observation window, which is specially used to filter light. The whole machine provides a high degree of security and safety.
9. Automatic lifting, focusing and rotating functions are optional.

Technical Parameters of 3D UV Laser Marker
Wavelength 355nm
Average Power 2W 3W 5W 8W 10W
Pulse Repetition Frequency 30KHz-150KHz
 Beam Quality M2 M2 <1.2
Different height/Z Axis scope ±20mm
Marking Range 70mm×70mm/100mm×100mm/170mm×170mm/200mm×200mm(Optional)
Marking Speed ≤2500mm/s
Mini line Width 0.01mm
Repeat accuracy 0.001mm
Cooling system Air Cooling Air/Water Cooling Air/Water Cooling Water Cooling Water Cooling
Voltage AC220V/50-60Hz
Power Consumption 1200W
Environment Ambient temperature 15-30℃/humidity20-80%/Storage temperature-20-50℃
Device Size 650mm×1253mm×1810mm
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